Smoovie 2.0 out now!

Whole new look and Green Screen!

Smoovie 2.0 out now! 

With a fresh new look, Green Screen and more!

Designed for learning

Available to purchase on the App Store

Designed for learning 


Smoovie is a professional stop motion animation app with a unique user interface based on scenes and frames, designed to make it easy for kids to tell stories in a fun way.


Simple and intuitive to use, it has all the features pupils need to be as creative as they like in the classroom without having to struggle with over-complicated software.   


Green Screen lets pupils explore the furthest reaches of their imagination and, with audio recording, they can add their very own narration, giving their projects even deeper learning value.


Built in teacher resources give easy access to downloadable PDFs, example lesson plans and stop motion animation ideas … everything you need to get your class up and running!


We fully support Apple’s Volume Purchase Program too, so schools can benefit from our special educational discount.  


Stop motion animation is widely recognised as a innovative and valuable learning tool which can be used right across the curriculum.  It gives pupils a fun and interesting way to explore and express their ideas on any subject; be it maths or music, science or social studies.

Make stop motion animations in minutes

with nothing more than your iPad’s camera,

microphone and your imagination.

Record your own audio straight into your finished project, or pick a song from your Music library.

Browse through your projects and share them with the world from the Library.

Simply swipe the scene list to the left to reveal the filmstrip where you can edit individual frames.

Smoovie’s elegant interface gives easy access to powerful editing options.

Key Features

Instant playback 

Smoovie for iPad instantly plays back what you've captured - without rendering. Rendering interrupts your creativity and fun and wastes your time.  We think you deserve better and we believe Smoovie is the fastest (and most fun) app for creating stop motion animations!

Green Screen 

This magical feature lets you choose any image you like as a background to your movie.  Your characters can walk on the moon, trek through the jungle or explore the bottom of the ocean … anywhere your imagination takes you.  The possibilities are endless!

Scenes - tell a better story 

Arrange your content in scenes.  Each scene has an independently adjustable playback speed, allowing full control over the pace and mood of your animation.


Mix it up! You can add new scenes, cut, copy and paste existing scenes - all with full undo support.

Filmstrip - precision editing 

Swipe across the list of scenes and see all frames in your project.  You can cut, copy and paste individual frames - with full undo support.  You can drag frames from one scene to another and even copy frames from other smoovies.

Onion skinning

Onion Skinning is possibly the most important feature of a stop motion animation app. It works by making the live video from either of the iPad’s cameras semi-transparent and superimposing it onto the previous frame.

Audio recording

Record your very own audio right from within the app!  Whether it’s an awesome voiceover or fabulous sound effects, audio recording lets your imagination run wild!

Add a little music 

Smoovie allows you to browse the Music library on your iPad so you can choose the perfect soundtrack for your masterpiece.

Even more editing power 

Smoovie makes it easy to export your animations to be used as content for other apps. Write your own soundtrack in GarageBand or add some opening effects in iMovie.

Share the magic in HD 

Smoovie lets you export your animations in HD to the Photos library on your iPad. And if you've got Apple TV, you can play your creations using AirPlay Mirroring.

Create, copy and paste with other apps

Copy and paste works from other apps that you love. You could use pictures from the Photos app, create titles with Keynote or turn sketches from your favourite drawing app into cartoons. Simply create, copy and paste!

Create, copy and paste - with other apps 

Copy and paste works from other apps that you love. You could use pictures from the Photos app, create titles with Keynote or turn sketches from your favourite drawing app into cartoons. Simply create, copy and paste!

Smoovie for iPad is available today for

iOS 10 and above

Made in Scotland    |    © 2017 Open Planet Software