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Smoovie is the ideal tool for stop motion animation in the classroom.  Simple and intuitive to use, it lets pupils be creative without having to struggle with complicated software.  Smoovie just works!


Stop motion animation is widely recognised as an innovative and valuable learning tool which can be used right across the curriculum.  It gives pupils a fun and interesting way to explore and express their ideas on any subject; be it maths or music, science or social studies.

Smoovie encourages creative thinking and teamwork.

The intuitive interface is so easy to use and makes learning fun.

An ideal way for children of all ages to explore their imagination.

Deeper Learning

Stop motion animation has been proven to encourage deeper learning, whatever the subject.  The act of learning involves committing information to memory and this task is much more easily accomplished using animation and narration together rather than narration alone.


Using stop motion animation in the classroom creates a truly dynamic learning environment in which pupils can express themselves at so many different levels, both independently and as a team.


More and more teachers are discovering just how powerful a learning tool stop motion animation is, and Smoovie is the perfect partner to make it happen.

Teacher Resources

We love teachers.  They do a fantastic job and we want to do everything we can to make their lives easier.  


So we’ve created some resources to help teachers get their classes up and running with stop motion animations in no time! 


Scroll down for a selection of printable resources, example lesson plans and ideas for stop motion animation techniques which you can use in the classroom.


And to make things even easier for teachers, we’ve built them right  in to Smoovie for iPad  so you can print off what you need, when you need it!


We are really keen to help in any way we can so please let us know if you can think of any other resources you would like to see!

Classroom Printables

Designed to enhance the classroom experience.  Click on a resource to print.

Character Profile

Props List

Scene Script

Set Design


Example Lesson Plans

Here are just some of the countless ways stop motion animation can be used to enhance the curriculum.  We are sure you'll be inspired!   Click on a resource to print.








Stop Motion Animation Techniques

Try out some of the techniques below with your class, or see what other ideas you can come up with together!  Click on a resource to print.



Time Lapse


Hand Drawing


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