Smoovie for iPad

Beautifully simple stop motion animation

Available to purchase now on the App Store for only $6.99.

Make stop motion animations in minutes with nothing more than your iPad’s camera and a touch of imagination.

Instant playback - just for fun!

Making a stop motion animation should be fun. You move your objects little by little, capturing each frame and, with growing anticipation, you press 'play' to see everything magically come to life. Smoovie for iPad instantly plays back what you've captured - without rendering. Rendering interrupts your creativity and wastes your time. We think you deserve better and we believe Smoovie is the fastest (and most fun) app for creating stop motion animations!

Scenes - tell a better story

Smoovie is the only stop motion app that lets you arrange your content in scenes. Each scene has an independently adjustable playback speed (from 1 to 30 frames per second) allowing you to vary the pace and mood of your animation.

Mix it up! You can add new scenes, cut unwanted scenes, capture new action into existing scenes and drag scenes around to change the running order - all with full undo support so you're safe to experiment!

Filmstrip - precision editing

With a quick swipe gesture across the list of scenes you gain access to a virtual filmstrip that shows all the frames in your project. The filmstrip is a very simple concept for kids to grasp to help them learn the basics of making movies. There's even a small piece of virtual tape joining each scene!

But there's a surprising amount of editing power hidden here that gives the more seasoned animator precise control over the content of their movies. You can cut, copy and paste individual frames - with full undo support of course. You can drag frames from one scene to another and even copy frames from other smoovies.

Onion skinning

Onion Skinning is possibly the most important feature of a stop motion animation app, because it helps the animator to perfect the tiny adjustments required between frames that create the illusion of smooth motion in the finished movie.

It works by making the live video from the either of the iPad’s cameras semi-transparent and superimposing it onto the previous frame, so it's easy to see how far objects need to be moved for the next shot.

Add a little music

The right piece of music can really help enhance the mood of your animation. Smoovie lets you browse the music library on your iPad so you can choose the perfect soundtrack for your masterpiece.

Create, copy and paste - with other apps

Copy and paste even works with other apps that you love, opening up a whole new world of creative possibilities for making content for your animations!

You could use pictures from the Photos app, create titles with Keynote or turn sketches from your favourite drawing app into cartoons.

Simply create, copy and paste!

Even more editing power

Smoovie makes it easy to export your animations to be used as content for other apps. Why not write your own soundtrack in GarageBand or add some opening effects in iMovie?

Share the magic

Once you've made a smoovie, you'll probably want to show it off for everyone to see. Smoovie lets you publish directly to YouTube so you can share your creations with the world.

You can also export your animations to the Camera Roll on your iPad where you can email them to friends or transfer them to your Mac or PC. And if you've got Apple TV, you can delight your friends and family by showing them your masterpieces on television with AirPlay Mirroring.